The James R. Haas Landscape Spectrum

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James Haas/Landscape Spectrum has been our landscape contractor for many years. Our long-term business relationship began around the time when we were adding a front porch to our home, and were concerned with the loss of a mature Japanese cut-leaf maple tree. James was confident he'd be able to carefully dig out the tree, trim the roots, and safely move it to a new location. It is now at least 8 years later, and the tree is thriving and happy. I consulted with James about how to re-plant our newly renovated front yard, and he had many creative ideas. Over the years, we continue to make changes and alterations to our property, and rely on James and his crew to help make it happen.

James' estimates are fair for the work performed. He runs his business with professionalism and integrity. His crew is neat as a pin, whether it's weekly lawn and yard maintenance, mulch and fertilizer application, Spring or Autumn clean-up, or snow-removal. James actually answers his phone when I call, and if he's not available, I receive a return phone call shortly thereafter.

He's attentive to his customers' requests. I've ordered cord wood from James over the years, and it's been delivered and neatly stacked. During the winter months when it snows, James and his crew are out there, plowing and shoveling. I wake up the morning after a snowstorm to find my driveway and walkways cleaned. When James Haas/Landscape Spectrum is on the job, the end result is always excellent.

Ellen & Howard Pfeffer North Caldwell, NJ